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Oversized Dildos - Mail Prank

Oversized Dildos - Mail Prank

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"Who The F*CK Sent Me This!"

Prank your friend with this joke from Their name comes right on the outside of the package so everyone knows who the oversized dildo is for!

The package is 18 inches long by 3 inches wide (who do you know that could use that size?)

How Does it Work? Below you fill in the person's name and address you want this package to be sent to. This package is sent anonymously from a 3rd party address. They will never know it is from you unless you choose to leave them a message!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rebecca Vowell

I've used Pete's Pranks about 6 or 7 times now......all turned out hilarious! Many thanks!
Highly recommend!

Mark Kowalczyk

Excellent joke for the right person.

Dexter Young
Needed to Prank a Jerk

Love this site and will use it again in the future.

I’m Still Cracking Up

I live in a tiny town with a tiny post office and the humiliation of this on the shelf made me hope she cried when she picked up her mail. But this is the best way I’ve discovered to say I think you would be nicer if you would go fuck yourself with a huge rubber weiner without actually saying that….

Randy S
EPIC Prank!!

This made for a hilarious prank that everyone got a kick out of!