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Oversized Dildos - Mail Prank

Oversized Dildos - Mail Prank

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"Who The F*CK Sent Me This!"

Prank your friend with this joke from Their name comes right on the outside of the package so everyone knows who the oversized dildo is for!

The package is 18 inches long by 3 inches wide (who do you know that could use that size?)

How Does it Work? Below you fill in the person's name and address you want this package to be sent to. This package is sent anonymously from a 3rd party address. They will never know it is from you unless you choose to leave them a message!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Alexander D'Ambrosio
Dildo tube

This shits funny

Jay K

My buddy was so shocked I guess since he didn't even tell anybody he recieved it. I forgot I even ordered it and one day we were out to lunch, and it dawned on me he never said anything so I asked if he even got it. The shocked look on his face with the "That was you?!" was simply perfect.

Hugh Janis
Perfect prank

Send my friend the oversized dildo prank. His wife and son found it first and didn’t believe him when he said he didn’t order it. Now he’s divorced and lost his house and new truck 😆. Best prank EVER! Thanks Pete’s Pranks!

Sister-in-law’s payback. Lol

It worked out perfect. I sent it to her neighbors address with her name on it. The neighbor took it over to her. I wish I would’ve seen the face. Priceless. Lol

Jeremy Patterson

Great gift with even better laughs